Progress: Glacial by Rami


What does it mean to make progress
at a glacial pace?    Eons, epic


the force, almighty
      earth-moving force of

countless thaws and freeze


rivers compressed under time
      under till
               under catastrophic weight
invisibly scour their way

It might take 10,000 years to reach the sea
dragging history
                            that claustrophobic nonspace
solid ground cut through

mountains made     glaciers calved
there is no monolithic
impenetrable, fixed

from the perspective of ice
ages; from the perspective of stone.


Progress: Glacial

Progress: Glacial

queen street west by Rami

In basso profundo
          melodic sweetness
the well-dressed old man sings about
          ...all the motherfuckers on this street...

Snow swirls in sparkling light
on the street busy with
streetcar motor car pedestrian traffic.

Windows adorned sing seductive
          melodies of consumption
and a woman dances in
assless leather pants.

Severe snow warning.


~ Fall, 2002