thinking back / by Rami

The new year is just around the corner, and of course I am thinking back to the year nearly complete—and leaning into 2016.

The past year had so much art in it! What a joy to embrace the artist within after a period of estrangement. I welcome the richness that fuels me when visual, tactile, aural, verbal, technical, philosophical modes come together. I know by now that my life's work is about integration—forever working to honour each part, even as the emphasis shifts over time. The longer I live, the more clearly I can see the cyclical or even spiral nature of this process—focus moves with necessity and desire, and each round of creative work feeds all the others in more or less obvious ways.

Bridging the last year and the one ahead, #skyproject continues with each day, one photograph of the sky, straight up—no landscape, no horizon line, no filters or modifications. I am amazed at the variety, even in the white, wintry cloud cover of December. I think 100 days makes a nice square number, but we will see. I am developing a major crush on the sky and may have to keep going. I am posting images to instagram if you'd like to follow the daily edition...

In 2015, the neglected visual artist woke up, and with her, the thinker, reading voraciously. In 2016, may the musician & writer touch down in this world as well. Onward. Be welcome, muses!