thinking back, even further / by Rami

Here we are in 2016, a new year begun! I am enjoying my annual cleanse of office and studio. Many people also take an annual cleanse in their diet and physical routine at this time of year, but I am just returning to normal with this — nothing drastic or dramatic, just quietly reducing cookie-consumption and moving back to a simpler, non-holiday diet. But the office and household in general are getting a thorough rethink, reorganize, sort and purge.

The deeper I go, the more interesting things I find. Some are easy to part with, having clearly fulfilled their usefulness. All stale things, creative and otherwise, are going in the trash or into deep archives. Having done this many times, it still surprises me what I find when I revisit those archives. "I kept that??" and "I forgot that I made this." It's a peculiar mix of shame (judging old work and choices) and inspiration — some ideas still worth working on, and others are still showing up in my current experiments without realizing the thread was so long. Sometimes, I rediscover work that is simply potent: from another time, finished, yet resonant. These are the gems.

Here are some I found today that still feel strong. They date back to 2000, and mark the time just before, during, and after a very raw and challenging move to Toronto.

I hesitate to show the anamorphic forms and the linear in the same sequence, but this is way they appear in the sketchbook and perhaps the echoes and distinctions between them are informative as well. The hollow belly is like the empty door, then a move into rounder, fuller shapes, and then a quiet balance of both.

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